The Maker Jake

Reconnect With Your Happiest Memories.

Creativity requires letting go of certainty.
— Unknown

The Idea

I want to live in a world of love and I want to make things every day. I firmly believe that art saves and creating things has saved my mind and it's saved my life. What you'll find on the pages of this site is the result of that creativity. I love patterns, but I never follow them. One of the things I learned in art/design school was to know the rules so that you know how to break them {well}. Create a grid and then go off the grid. That about sums me up! 

Style & Quality

I am a FIEND about quality. There are entire lines of fabric that I won't buy because it's flimsy and feels cheap. I might love the designs, but I refuse to use anything that I wouldn't want for myself. I want to make quality products that can be used for decades and passed down to loved ones. Rest assured that when you purchase something from me, you are getting phenomenal quality in addition to something extremely stylish. 

100% Handmade in Tucson, Arizona

I've been sewing since my mom let me help her make an outfit for me for the bicentennial parade we were going to be in in 1976. I made my first quilt at 19 - it was a huge California King in classic Log Cabin style. I still have it and am very proud how well it has held up for the last 3 decades. All of my products are made by me, in the USA.